What our students, parents and partners are saying…


“Overall, amazing program! My children would not be able to have exposure to music without this as we could not afford lessons. Thank you tremendously.”

“Highly recommend… excellent, exceptional and educational!”


“Thank you so much for creating such wonderful opportunities.”


“Great level of engagement, dynamic and proactive, pedagogical approach!”

“No amount of words can describe my appreciation for MMC!! I am so grateful for your committed love and care beyond duty. My daughter is a lot more confident than before the musical mentorship program, she is very responsible and feels she belongs to family away from home. Thank you for opening up the sky for her.”

“I want to give a HUGE shout-out to MMC for coordinating incredible instructors, for getting instruments to us, and for orchestrating all of the awesome events throughout the year… It has been an amazing opportunity to get to witness you all dive into your love of music. And last, but not least, THANK YOU to the incredible teachers who have been working with you this year. For giving your time, talent, and knowledge; for being patient, flexible, and kind… We are forever grateful.”