Musical Mentors Academy

Musical Mentors Academy offers subsidized one-on-one music instruction for advanced students looking to be accepted into high-school or collegiate music programs or who have ambitions of becoming professional musicians. Lessons are taught by MMC’s impressive roster of Teaching Artists and supported by our Grandmentors.

Due to different circumstances, countless families are unable to afford the high cost of private instruction which is essential for any aspiring musician. Musical Mentors Academy strives to offer nothing but the best to our students – stellar music instruction without barriers. While the cost of the entire program is heavily subsidized already, students can be considered for scholarship ranging from 25-100%. Some families can afford the full tuition while others need assistance. Families with means can even choose to pay the market rate of this program and sponsor another student at the same time (two for the price of one). This is how our collaborative works together to address inequities in music education!

Students range from grades 5-12 who have previously excelled in their music classes and/or private lessons. MMC takes a personalized approach to pairing students with their Musical Mentor as well as Grand Mentor.

Musical Mentors Academy is a year round program offered both online and in-person. Students take 25 lessons with their assigned teaching artist as well as additional lessons with MMC’s roster of Grandmentors. Students perform in studio classes and public performances, participate in monthly workshops and masterclasses with Grandmentors, and receive scholarship opportunities for additional enrichment learning such as summer festivals and preparatory programs.

Musical Mentors Academy Cost: $2,000

Cost includes all lessons, studio classes, workshops, performances, and masterclasses as well as an instrument and music. This program is heavily subsidized by MMC and generous donors. The market rate cost is $4,000/year. Scholarships are available to students who demonstrate need, ranging from 25-100% of the total cost.

We accept students on a rolling basis. If you have questions or want to learn more please reach out to our Program Director.