Student-centered music instruction and bespoke mentorship

We’ve done it for 15 years.

Musical Mentors Collaborative’s programs bring joy, creative expression, and mentorship to students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

MMC History

MMC’s teaching roster spans multiple generations of artist-educators.

Our University Volunteers provide instruction to youth attending local Title I Schools. Our Teaching Artists – accomplished professional musicians – work with at-risk populations to bring high-sensitivity music instruction. Our Grandmentors are music legends who help guide our teachers and staff to ensure the highest quality in music education experiences. Collaboratively, we connect underserved communities with Musical Mentors and create powerful experiences through meaningful relationships.

Since 2009, Musical Mentors Collaborative has shared a love of music through private and group instruction to under-resourced communities.

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Why Musical Mentorship?

  • Music is invaluable
    Through it, we can express ourselves more fully and speak things words can’t say. It helps us learn how to learn, supporting a student’s educational preparedness in non-musical subjects too. Music empowers us to improvise, and playing it reminds us how important play is in life.
  • Private instruction is expensive
    Individualized mentorship and guidance can be critical in a student’s musical journey, and for most, the cost puts it out of reach. That’s an injustice not only to them, but to everyone who will never experience the joy of hearing these young musicians perform.
  • We formed our collective to address this imbalance.
    MMC provides music instruction to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to one-on-one lessons, group music classes, and instruments. Free of charge.

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