Our Teaching Artists provide one-on-one instruction in our Musical Mentors Online and Musical Mentors Academy programs. We are fortunate to have on our roster some of the most accomplished young musicians and educators of our time. Our Teaching Artists have trained at prestigious music programs, performed with world-renowned musicians, and demonstrated a profound dedication to the craft of teaching.

Kinseli Baricuatro (Bass – Los Angeles, CA)

Taylor Clay (Denver, CO)

Taylor Dupuis (Nashville, TN)

Joseph Engel (Denver, CO)

Joe Etzine (Philadelphia, PA)

Daryl Gott (Aurora, CO)

Jordan Grantonic (Boulder, CO)

Gergana Haralampieva (New York, NY)

Alex Heffron (Brooklyn, NY)

Jeremy Jordan (East Stroudsburg, PA)

Sarah Jylkka (Denver, CO)

Ronald Long

Alex Petti (New York, NY)

Danny Pratt (Nashville, TN)

Kaycie Satterfield (Los Angeles, CA)

Prawit Siriwat (Irvine, CA)

Rose Stoller (Beacon, NY)

Colin Stranahan (Brooklyn, NY)

Claire-Frances Sullivan (New York, NY)

Maxim Tikhonov (Denver, CO)

Anthony Trionfo (New York, NY)

Erica Tursi (Medford, NJ)

Tamara Winston (Nashville, TN)

Carter Yasutake (New York, NY)

Sophia Zhou (Milbrook, NY)